My process

It all starts with a photo

After you’ve completed your purchase, send me a picture. Good quality images if possible please. If you can’t decide, I’ll be happy to help you choose and together we can plan your ideal composition.

Once selected, email the picture to me at

The drawing

To ensure that you are happy with the concept for your drawing I will prepare an initial sketch. Once you have approved this sketch I can get cracking with the final piece. I don’t usually make things up, but some artistic license may be applied to highlight certain elements and to ensure that the piece is perfect.


Your initial sketch will take up to 5 working days. Once approved the final piece will take 5-7 working days to create.


Once completed I will carefully package your printed illustration and send it to you along with care instructions. For more information see my shipping page.

As well as your print I will email you a high resolution JPEG or PDF of your commission.


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